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Find Calm Like you never have before

Talking, feeling and thinking are amazing ways to work through processing. HOWEVER if you do not include your BODY in the healing process, you will get stuck, literally!

This workshop will help you have a great start with body-up approaches to give you tangible results to FEEL peace and calm!

Why the Nervous System?

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We cant ignore the Body!

I tried for so long to talk myself into FEELING calm. I worked through a lot of old wounds and was living in freedom from so much bondage, but there still was this chaos inside of me I could never calm.

Incorporating my physical body into my healing was the game changer and what has giving me peace and calm on a daily basis ever since

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Somatic Therapy

We store memories, experience and emotions on a cellular level. Which means, it’s not “all in your head”; rather, our bodies hold data as well

You may feel like you are “doing” all the right things, but somehow aren’t feeling relief. This often happens when emphasizes focuses only on “brain-based issues”, often assuming the mind and thinking style to be causing psychological distress. However, many times, it isn’t “just in your head”, and it’s not always related to an anxious, depressive or nervous wracking thought that is the cause of the problem.

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The Vagus Nerve

Polyvagal Theory helps us understand that behaviors are manifestations of our internal nervous systems taking actions in the service of survival. People develop habits based in early adaptive survival responses, and these habits naturally continue into adulthood.

So how do we de-escalate the nervous system to re-establish a sense of calm and safety in the mind and body?

There is a simple way to reset the vagus nerve which is heavily associated with the parasympathetic (calm state) nervous system to help with relaxation and the release of stress and anxiety. Put more simply - it can help you process and release trauma from your brain and body!

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Are You Ready?

You'll receive:

Video Training learn the why's and how's behind bottom up approaches

Strategies to regulate your own nervous system

Exercises to use to restore calm

Worksheets to personalize to your own life and body

Tips, Tricks & Hacks to use on a daily basis

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About the Instructor

Nice to Meet You!

My name is Danielle Elizabeth. Im a christian mama of 4 married to my hubby for 10 years, yes its crazy around here!

I began my healing journey years ago not knowing how much work needed to be done, I could just see surface level symptoms and problems. Healing felt like I opened pandora's box up, but journeying through was the only way to overcome. Now on the other side, I am passionate to help others find this peace, calm and freedom!

I now help other women through their own healing on their way to peace and freedom!



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